This Online Training is required for all OAS Coaches.  These modules teach you the basics of Olympic-style archery and prepares you to teach a safe and fun beginning archery class/program.  The online training takes approximately 2 hours and must be completed before attending your instructor course.  A study guide has also been provided that must be finished and turned in at the beginning of your class.  

Print and complete the Coaching Study Guide (mandatory) – must be turned in at the beginning of your class


1.0 _Welcome (4:07)
2.0_OAS Program (3:37)
3.0_Range Setup (5:42)
  4.0_Basic Equipment (25:18)
5.0_Safety (10:27)
  6.0_Basic Shooting Technique (21:30)
  7.0_Basic Coaching (13:55)
  8.0_Competition Basics (13:36)