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Why Archery?
Archery is a sport that challenges you both physically and mentally. More than just a ‘point-and-shoot’ activity, archery is a true sport that develops self-discipline, strength, and mental focus. However, a wonderful part of archery is that anyone can participate and excel in it. It does not require students to be athletically gifted. In fact the next Olympic Champion can really come from anyone who is passionate about archery. In competition, there are also opportunities for archers to compete individually as well as in teams. So from your best school athlete to the physically challenged children — all can enjoy and benefit from this age-old sport.

Benefits of Archery

The mental aspect of the sport is an excellent way to:

• Increase concentration

• Develop self-discipline

• Build self-esteem

The physical aspect of the sport is an excellent way to:

• Develop upper body strength

• Improve hand-eye coordination

• Hone fine motor skills


Is Archery Safe?
You bet! Statistically, archery is one of the safest sports. In a study conducted by the Archery Trade Association, archery was found to have one of the lowest injury rates right next to tennis and bowling. To read the full publication click Is Archery a Safe Sport? Yes!

This is possible because rules and procedures are in place that keep everyone safe. Through our program, school coaches are trained to run safe and fun archery programs at their school. They learn how to setup their range properly, enforce the Range Commands, and teach our Curriculum. Before students even touch a bow, they must go through a series of drills and activities with various training aids including form straps and stretch bands. Not only does this prepare them with proper archery technique, but it also teaches them to be disciplined in following the range rules and protocols.


How do I apply to join the OAS program?

To join an EXISTING Conference:
First, contact your local Conference Leadership Team to determine which Division to join.
Second, click on the [Apply] link and fill out the PDF application.

After an application is accepted, we will review to determine if your school is a good fit for the program. Once approved, ESDF will send over an Agreement for signing to participate in the program.

To start a NEW Conference:
Click on the [Apply] link above and follow directions there.


What is expected of our school?

We expect the schools to follow the OAS Participation Guidelines and if applicable, the OAS Equipment Loan Guidelines.

Student archers will get the best experience from the program by participating in the Spring OAS League Matches with other schools.

Yearly league fees will need to be submitted by November of each year to remain an active participate in the OAS program.


What costs are involved to join OAS?

There are several categories for cost:
Yearly Membership
Yearly membership in the OAS League is $250 per school/team. This expense covers match style games with other schools in your Conference Division, instructor training and workshops, and other support from OAS ESDF.

Purchasing enough equipment to field a full 10 archer team can be done through local archery shops, or through our sponsors at Lancaster Archery Supply for a special school rate. If your school is unable to fund the cost of equipment, you can apply for an ESDF equipment loan. However, Applicants are granted equipment based on qualifying needed, and there is only a limited number of loan requests granted each year.

Once you have archery equipment, either through ESDF or otherwise, this equipment must be maintained due to normal usage. This includes purchasing fletching, glue, nocks, points, arrows, target faces, strings, etc. We estimate a yearly budget of $150 – $300 to cover most maintenance costs.

Tournament Fees
Participation in Tournaments is a fun way to end the school year and for students to gauge their progress while meeting peers from other schools. There are 4 tournaments hosted by OAS with approximate entrance fees listed below:

Fall/Spring Mail In Tournament: Free
Conference Championship: ~$50-100 per archer
State Championship: ~$50-100 per archer
National Championship: ~$100-200 per archer

This does not include any traveling, lodging, or food expenses that your archer may incur.


How much storage space is needed?

Recommended at minimum of 5x7ft space to store archery equipment, and a 10x10ft space to store range equipment (including bales, stands, arrow curtain, cones).


How do I setup an archery range at my school?

There are certain space requirements needed to practice in a safe area.
For an indoor range, such as in a gymnasium, please be sure there is only one entrance, and follow the range set up guidelines outlined here.
For an outdoor range, follow the range set up guidelines outlined here.


How do our coaches get trained?

Training starts with contacting the local Conference Leadership Team and finding out when the next Instructor Training course is scheduled for. These are typically held once a month in the fall.

Preperation for the Instructor Training course begins with the online curriculium found [here], prior to attending the Instructor Training. The online curriculium goes over most of the information, and the Instructor Training helps provide a hands on experiene for the participants.


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