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> How Do Schools Join and Participate?

> What Do Schools Receive?

> What Is Expected of the School and Coaches?

> What is the Cost for Schools?

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How Do Schools Join and Participate?

To participate in the next league season, applications must be submitted by September 30th.  The application includes school information, coach information, pictures of your potential range and storage facilities, and which Conference and Division you wish to join.

The Conference Leadership for your area will decide if your school is eligible to join the program and will assign you to a Division.  The coaches in that Division will then vote to decide if the new school can join.  If your school is unable to join the existing Division, then your CL will determine if other schools in your area also wish to join so that a new division can be created.

Once your application is approved, then the Participation Agreement must be signed and your instructor(s) must attend an OAS/USAA Level 1 Instructor Training.  These courses are offered during the fall semester.  An online portion must also be completed before attending this course.  After your instructor(s) are trained USAA will send your Instructor Certificate.

To prepare for the league competitions, a pre-season workshop is offered at the end of the fall semester or beginning of the spring.  At least one certified instructor from each team must attend a Pre-Season Workshop.  This is an opportunity for coaches to meet and finalize their game schedules.  Additional coaching topics may also be requested and offered.

 Pre-Season Workshops – these workshops are a chance for coaches to get updates on the league, improve their coaching and shooting skills, learn training and competition strategies, and go in depth with equipment.  Schedules and dates will be given from your Conference Leadership.

 The League Season begins in January and ends in April.  Each school is put into a division. These divisions make up a Conference and these are a part of a State League.  Each school will have one home and one away game with each of the other schools in their division.

 League Games – A school team is comprised of 10 archers, competing in four singles and two team rounds.  The home team’s first singles will have a match against the visiting team’s first singles and so forth.  The team round matches will go first and then the singles matches.  The school to win the most matches wins the game with a tie decided by a one arrow shoot-off (each archer on the team shoots one arrow).  More details and score cards can be found in the League Handbook.

 At the end of the league season is when we hold Conference Championships, State Championships, and Nationals.

 Conference Championships – is a one day competition and involves a 36 arrow ranking round, Olympic Round, and Team Round.

 State Championships – includes a Ranking Round, Olympic Round and Team Rounds.

 Nationals – includes a Ranking Round, Olympic Round and Ream Rounds. 

A mail-in tournament is held during the fall and spring semesters to give more students the opportunity to compete.

For more details on the league, please read our League Handbook.


What Do Schools Receive?

In addition to competing in our league and championship events, participating schools receive instructor training and access to special equipment discounts.


What Is Expected of the School and Instructors?

Schools must be eligible to receive tax deductable donations.  Private schools must have 501(c)(3) status.  Most public schools and government-run organizations are automatically eligible.  Schools are expected to compete in the league, pay the league membership, and follow all OAS Program Guidelines.

The school must also have:

– A student body of at least 100 students

– Space for an archery range that meets our safety guidelines

– A place to store equipment properly and securely

– An instructor/instructors willing to:

– Be trained through OAS/USAA Level 1 Instructor Training

– Follow USAA teaching and safety methods

– Coordinate with other schools in their league conference to schedule matches

– Coordinate travel for their team to matches and tournaments

– At least one certified instructor from each team must attend a Pre-Season Workshop.  

– Maintain communication with the OAS program to inform us of any changes such as coaches leaving the school.

 For a complete list, please see our OAS Program Guidelines.


What is the Cost for Schools?

League membership costs $250 per year and must be paid by January 1st before the league season begins.  If paid after January 1st then a $50 late fee will be applied ($300 total).  Other costs include transportation for league games and competitions as well as registration costs for Conference Championships, State Championships, and Nationals (entry fee varies with each Conference).

Membership cancellations must be made before December 1st to receive a full refund. Cancellations made after December 1st will only receive a $50 refund.



August – Instructor Training

September – Instructor Training

October – Instructor Training

November    – Last call for School Applications for this season and last instructor training for this season

January – pre-season Workshop

January to April – League Season


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