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Thank you for your interest in joining the OAS Program.  If your school is located near one of our existing conferences then proceed with the five steps below.  A list of our program conferences can be viewed HERE.

If your school is NOT located near a conference then we can look into starting a new one in your region.  The process to start a new conference can be found HERE.


STEP 1 – Students, Instructors, and School Staff Support
First find a group of students, parents, or teachers who are passionate about making an archery team at your school.  Then find a school staff member that is willing to instruct the archery team.  Non-staff members, such as parent volunteers, may also instruct the team as long as they have permission from your school and get certified through USAA.  At least one staff member from the school must be certified through USAA so that they are familiar with the program and sport.  You also need support from the school administration to allow archery to be offered.  All instructors and school administration involved must read and follow our Program Guidelines and League Handbook.

STEP 2 – Archery Range, Equipment, and Storage
Identify a potential range, storage location, and source for archery equipment. A safe archery range can be setup either inside (such as in a gym) or outside on a large field depending on the surroundings.  A secure and dry space is needed to store the archery equipment.  Approximately 7’x7′ is needed.  You can learn more about range setup and storage in our Program Guidelines and in our online instructor training.  If range or storage space cannot be secured on campus, then your team may want to reach out to local public ranges or archery shops as alternate places for practices and games.  These off-campus sites must meet OAS Program Guidelines.

All archery equipment used in the OAS program must follow the rules outlined in our League Handbook.  Schools may use equipment that they already own.  If they do not have equipment already then they can look into purchasing or renting from local shops.  Students may also use personal equipment, again as long as it follows the league rules.  OAS also has special discounts with Lancaster Archery Supply for archers and schools wanting to purchase equipment.

STEP 3 – Apply!
Fill out the New School Application.  The completed application must then be sent to your local Conference Leadership.  To find available conferences and contact information, please go to your Conference’s Webpage.  The Conference Leadership in your area will work with you to see if your school can join a division.  If the Conference Leadership approves then your application will be sent to the OAS National Office for final review.

New School Applications are DUE by September 30th of each year so that schools have enough time to properly prepare for  the league season.  If this deadline is missed, then you will need to apply for the following school year/league season.  Extensions may be requested for special cases by talking with your Conference Leadership.

For example if you wish to participate in the 2017-2018 school year, then your application is due by September 30th, 2017.

STEP 4 – Agreements, Training, and Registration
If your application is approved then:

1)  The National Office will send you OAS agreements that must be signed and returned.  Return information is on the agreement.

2)  All instructors involved with the archery program must complete the OAS/USAA Level 1 Instructor Training.  Courses are offered in the fall and more details are available by visiting or an Easton Archery Center near you.  The course also includes an online part that must be completed before the class, and can be found on the Instructor Training page.

3)  Make your OAS Quiver Account.  You can do this by visiting our Membership Portal (sign up button in the upper right corner).

4)  Register for the League and other events through The Quiver.  Announcements will be sent out when those are available.  When you register for the league you will then pay your league membership fee.  If paid online then there is an online processing fee.   You can also pay by check made payable to the “Easton Sports Development Foundation” and sent to:

Olympic Archery in Schools
5990 Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 220
Van Nuys, CA 91411

There is no processing fee if paid by check.  Please include with the check a note with your school and conference listed.  Other potential costs for participating in the program include travel for league games, tournament entry fees, and the cost for additional or maintenance of equipment.

STEP 5 – Start your Archery Team and Have a Great Season!
Hold a try-archery event to recruit students for your team or send out a school announcement.  Then hold a team meeting for interested students and parents.  This is also a good opportunity for the team members to complete any required paperwork your school has for athletes as well as the two waivers for OAS.  During your conference’s pre-season workshop, the instructors in your area will come together to meet and finalize game schedules.  Then the season will begin in the spring!

– Easton OAS Participation Waiver
OAS Photo Release Form



Bring a unique program to your community by starting an OAS conference for your local schools.  It takes a dedicated and passionate team to make a sustainable program and it is a challenging endeavor.  However, the impact you make reaches your entire community and the reward of making a positive difference in our children’s lives through the sport of archery is priceless.

STEP 1 – Connect with Passionate People
Connect with others, from parents to archers and coaches, who are passionate about making this opportunity available for the community.  These team members will be crucial in providing the key skills and strengths needed to create a sustainable program.  Also talk with us at OAS!  We love talking with people who share our dream of making a difference in our youth and our sport.

STEP 2 – Review the New Conference Bid
As a team look through the New Conference Bid so that you are all familiar with what is looked for in new conferences.

STEP 3 – Research and  Outreach
Find out what interest and support there is in the community.

STEP 4 – Complete and Send in the Bid
Complete the bid and send into OAS.  OAS will evaluate bids each year to identify the ones that have the most potential for sustainability and growth.  If a bid is approved then the schools will go through the OAS Application process above.

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