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Welcome Coaches!John Muir School Interview (15)1

We are excited to have you in the OAS program and for the positive impacts you will be making with archers in your community and as well as the sport as a whole by sharing in our mission and vision to make a defining difference in our youth and sport. We believe that good coaching is the key for sucessful archers and programs. Coaches are the ones who provide direct support and guidance to their athletes, leading them towards success both on and off the field. We hope you share our belief in the important role a coach can play in a young persons life and take on the challenge to develop your own coaching skills.

OAS CERTIFICATION2011 Fall Sequoia MS workshop_Squeeze Drill
To get started in OAS, coaches need to get certified through our OAS Instructor Training program. Our training consists of two parts:
-online training where you learn all of the basics needed to familiarize yourself with the sport, equipment, and how to run a safe program
-a one day course.
This training is provided for free to schools involved with OAS, and is typically offered in the fall and winter. We want our coaches to be able to confidently teach a safe and fun archery program. Coaching new archers is an especially important role as you have the responsibility for teaching the fundamentals properly that will set your students on the path to long term success if they desire to continue archery to the Collegiate level, Junior Dream Team, or even on to the Olympics!

Once you’ve gained interest at your school for starting an OAS team, we suggest holding team meetings to get to know your players and see how you can support them in their pursuit of the sport. We also recommend networking with other coaches in your conference area for personal growth and development as your archers challenge your understanding of the sport both physically and philosophically.

Lastly, we recommend reaching out to parents and local community members for additional support and resources. Archery is a wonderful sport to pursue that draws in individuals who would seem unlikely to be interested in other sport activities. Coaching an individual and helping them to realize potential in life both on and off the range offers a great sense of fullfillment for the coach. We hope you take on this challenge!

Below you will find some important documents needed to begin a program at your school:
-League Handbook
Photo Release Form

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